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“It’s like UD was watching me fumble with the old one and dreamed up impactful tweaks to make the Adventure Vesta as efficient as possible" –Outside Magazine

"With a medium volume capacity, it held everything testers needed for longer runs, including a slim puffy jacket, gloves and nutrition, and testers appreciated the pack’s durability." 
- Women's Running magazine

Women are attempting gnarly speed records and interesting routes in droves and there’s one vest that comes along on more than any other FKT bid: the Signature Series Adventure Vesta. The beloved “burrito” pocket upfront could store your favorite Chipotle menu item OR a plus sized phone, additional fuel, emergency items, and more. Sliding rail sternum straps and the new Comfort Cinch technology enables lateral sizing and stability adjustments from the small of your back for our best-fitting vests ever. Grab a buddy or go it alone–the Adventure Vesta will be your best friend on your biggest objectives.

  • Bottles Included: 1 Body Bottle 500

  • Volume Capacity: 757 in3 / 12.4 L

  • Weight With Bottles: 12.59 oz. / 357 g

  • Weight Without Bottles: 9.14 oz. / 259 g